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Paul Ozhgibesov was born in 1973 in the Urals. From 1982 to1988, he studied at a private art studio.

In 1988, he was accepted to Chelyabinsk Art College and graduated from the college in 1992.

For his degree work, he created illustrations for the poetry of Daniel Harms.

From 1993 to1995, Paul studied at the Yaroslavl Theatre College with a focus in specialty theater production designing.

Paul lives and works in Moscow since 2003.

His favorite art mediums are easel painting and drawing.

The artworks are in private collections of Russia, Latvia, UK, France, Germany, the USA, South Korea, Australia.

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February 2018 — March 2018 — Marina Zvetaeva Museum (Moscow).

November 2009 — December 2009 — Quadratgallery (Berlin).

March 2006 — August 2006 — Theatre Gallery on the Tverskoy Boulevard (Moscow).

October 2005 — December 2005 — Nikolay Rubzov's Museum (Moscow).

December 2004 — January 2005 — Zelenograd Exhibition Hall (Moscow).

May 2004 — Izmaylovo Exhibition Hall (Moscow).

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